NEWS- Large Retail Sector win to deploy warehouse automation tools to an online brand

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Deliver8 Consulting
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    The 8 in DELIVER8

    At DELIVER8 we like to keep things simple (even through the work we do is far from that).  Therefore we have 8 areas where our experience & expertise can be focused:

    1. Strategy
    2. Design
    3. Technology
    4. Process
    5. Security
    6. Delivery
    7. Commercial
    8. Advisory

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    8 is only the start - we can Deliver your solution

    Whether it is writing a Security Policy or designing and deploying a 400 seat Contact Centre, we have it covered.

    Some recent work includes:

    - A Digital Transformation deployment for a high street retailer including secure Cloud Based storage

    - A Cyber-Security review, with further design, policy writing and delivery of secure solutions for a Global manufacturer

    - Project management of a Logistics automation solution for an online retailer

    - A Commercial review of a Local Governments portfolio of projects covering IT, resourcing and capability to produce a cost effective roadmap that will deliver to their requirements while reducing the initial budget costs

    - HR systems upgrade from running the RFP process to supplier selection through to project managing the deployment

    Have a look at some the clients below that our consultants and programme team have with on delivering infrastructure, digital, software and cyber-security solutions to.  These have provided cost benefits, increased revenues and improved efficiency by providing what they needed to improve their customer experience.  

    Now see what we can do for you.